Friday, November 14, 2008

Third Friday at TRW

Today is the third friday i traning at TRW, time pass just a litter bit too fast. my life here is challenging and tired at here. at here, no one really will ask me doing job, maybe is R&D, so they really don hv any job to let a undergraduate engineer to do. Thinking "job" need engineer do, simple job got techniction do. me? really can understand y they only give me RM300 per month. i really don contribute anything at here.But my boss treat me not bad, to ensure i learned something when i leave this company. so he gave lots data to read, and or ask me to do research. After every study, i hv to do presentation, either him alone or all electronic engineer at here. I been pass tru 2 presentations. really feel shame at the 1st presentation. They asked alot of questions, and i cant really answer!!! "i m sorry, i donnoe" this sentense i also donnoe repeat how many times d. Even simplest question as "can u tell me y we use series in this circuirty?" lolz...
Simple? lolz... last time i always wrote the answer"SIMPLER" in the final answer sheet. but i don really believe wat i wrote was true. Ha Ha Ha. how could i answer just like tat? after tat i learn from the lesson d. now i noe i hv to noe everything b4 i present. haiz.. poor me

ok la, i gtg... hope to see u all soon. miss u