Friday, April 17, 2009

I m discharge

Finally, i m discharge from Pantai Hospital after staying there for 3 says, everything is good, so do not worry. B4 this, when i was sick for more than 1 week, i feel tired all the time, and cant wake up on the rite time everyday. but during the 3 days i stayed at hospital, i sleep till wan vomit. the feeling is so bad, i donnoe how to describe, maybe i stay alone there, the feeling really bad. the patien stay bside me is really sick, n makes me feel not comfortable somemore. i really don wish to stay at hospital anymore!!!!! today morning still can sense the bad feeling when i was waking up. I m really homesick now...really homesick........oh god ...bad feeling faster go away.
heard from my sis that grandmum is not feeling well recently, is has been around 4 months i nv see her, i m miss her badly. i m really a bad grandchild, not at her side all the time,god, pls bless her all the time. i must go home next week...must..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Is been more than a week...i m sick...fever on n off, everytime i tot recover d, it fever again.went to see doctor 3 times d, last nite still fever..haiz...during this whole week, i cant do anything when everyone is rushing their fyp report. i feel very very tired, and sleepy all the time!!(i sleep around 20 hours per day... ) i don wan to keep on like this, so i decide to go pantai hospital to check up later. they might ask me to stay overnite, abit gan jiong..1st time stay overnite at hospital. hope i can recover asap. friends, feel free, do come n visit me..lolz

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the furthest distance in the world

the furthest distance in the world
is not between life and death
but when i stand in front of you
yet you don't know that
i love you

the furthest distance in the world
is not when i stand in front of you
yet you can't see my love
but when undoubtedly knowing the love from both
yet cannot be togehter

the furthest distance in the world
is not being apart while being in love
but when plainly can not resist the yearning
yet pretending
you have never been in my heart

the furthest distance in the world
but using one's indifferent heart
to dig an uncrossable river
for the one who loves you