Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lets start from here....

Let's Start From Here - 王若琳

Giving up, why should I
we've come to far to forget
we're beautiful, we just got lost
somewhere along the way
so much was missing when you went away

Let's start from here, lose the past
change our minds, we don't need a finish line
let's take this chance not think too deep
of all those promises we couldn't seem to keep
I don't care where we go
Let's start from here

standing here face to face
a finger on your lips
don't say a word don't make a sound
silence surrounds us now
even when you were gone I felt you everywhere

Let's start from here, lose the past
change our minds, we don't need a finish line
let's take this chance not think too deep
of all those promises we couldn't seem to keep
I don't care where we go
Let's start from here
Let's start from here

I've never been the one to open up
but you've always been the voive within
the only warmth from my cold heart

Let's start from here, lose the past
change our minds, we don't need a finish line
let's take this chance not think too deep
of all those promises
Let's start from here, lose the past
change our minds
we don't need a finish line
let's take this chance not think too deep
of all those promises we couldn't seem to keep
I don't care where we go
Let's start from here
Let's start from here
Let's start from here
Let's start from here

Thursday, September 24, 2009

working me

just view my blog, gosh, my last title is "Life b4 graduate is all about gathering"! lolz, and now, i had graduated around 4 months! wow...4 months...! i spend around 1 n half months for job hunting, working for more than 2 months d. For those who keep viewing my blog, i m so sorry to let u down. I guess is time to let me update my blog!!!

b4 graduated, i was thinking what should i do after graduate? Taking Master or Working? MMU offer a free master Course, it is a great opportunity! I ll be a master degree holder just after one year! and all i need to pay is few thousands and my hard work. my dad was encouraged me to do that. he said he was willing to support me for one more year...just because his words, i decided to working! yes, is not typo, i decided to find a job after grad. my poor dad was supporting me Unconditionally for around 24 years. n honestly, i m been a bad gal as i was spending money like water during my uni's life. i found my parents look older when i came home, i m the eldest child in my family, and i had been so selfish for those pass time.i told myself, lets stop here.

so i start job hunting, at 1st, it was really siok, stay at home and went to cyber cafe to surf net(i stress for FYP very long d). Jobstreet everyday...after two weeks without any call, i started worrying, really can feel that is not easy to find job. so i start simply find job,apply as many as i can, this cause me feel damn regret when they offerer me interview. i don feel wan to do that kind of job at all. the feeling is weird...n i hope i wont get this kind of feeling again...dou dou zuan zuan, finally, i found my job now. QA engineer in a resistor manufacture company!

Owh, nearly forgot to tell where my work place located, is SENAI...wuhuhu...this is the place where i belong,the place i grew up, the place which my best friends stay. ILOVE MY LIFE NOW!!! everything is great, love my job scope, love my family, love my friends! i watch movie often, lim teh v friends often, watch my favorite korea drama often! the only thing need to improve is my income! HAHAHA..anyway, i still wan to thanks god for giving me all of this..i love u god...muaks

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To do List

its been 4 days, i stay room and relax the feeling is great!wake up naturally everyday..finally pass my final year presentation..everything wasn't that smooth in this year, but i do believe is God want steel me...anyway, i noe there is alot of things is waiting me to do now and later...Here is my to do list

final edit of my thesis
cele Marilyn' birthday
do hardcopy of thesis
final year housemate gathering
MMU friends's gathering
Ex college gathering
ex roommate gathering
advance microprocessor final
opto electronic final
pack thing
dad come n help me move back to JB
go cut my hair( really out of shape d)
go cut my eyebrow
throw away my 100sth magazines( out of space)
go my 1st interview
do passport
buy some new cloths for bangkok trip( terrible thinking)
hometown friend gathering
preparation for Bangkok trip
go KL meet my friend,,,
see my dentist at KL
yeah..go bangkok
cele siaw hui birthday
and i hope after tat, i can found job , n start to working b4 july

Monday, May 4, 2009


Complete of this final year project would never be possible without the help and encouragement from various group of people.

My project supervisor, Mr Lim Tian Sze has morally supported me throughout this hard period; he taught me the correct attitude that I should have when facing problems in this project. And I know this attitude is not only useful in engineering field’s activities but in all aspects of our daily life.

My Industrial Training program supervisor, the head of R&D electronic line, Mr Chir Kai Chang who has allowed me to do my final year project during ITP. He has been patient and helpful to guide me step by step until finish designing the protocol. I do not only learn a lot of knowledge from him, but also strengthen my skill and knowledge in this field.

MMU lecture, Mr Muhammad Muslim Mansor who has providing me a lot of valuable information during designing state of this project.

I’m also indebted to this project’s moderator, MS. Kwek Lee Chung who aided me by her inquisitive during the first part presentation.

A special note of thanks also goes to my friends Mr. Er Tsaur Jzi, Mr. Chong Sze Siang, Mr. Chua Tze An, Mr. David Lee, Ms Marilyn and Ms Wong Xiao Chyi who helped and morally supported me throughout this hard period. Without their support, my project can hardly achieve a success.

Lastly, my family, their love encouragements were the main force driving me on whenever I felt tat time is ruining low. Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I m discharge

Finally, i m discharge from Pantai Hospital after staying there for 3 says, everything is good, so do not worry. B4 this, when i was sick for more than 1 week, i feel tired all the time, and cant wake up on the rite time everyday. but during the 3 days i stayed at hospital, i sleep till wan vomit. the feeling is so bad, i donnoe how to describe, maybe i stay alone there, the feeling really bad. the patien stay bside me is really sick, n makes me feel not comfortable somemore. i really don wish to stay at hospital anymore!!!!! today morning still can sense the bad feeling when i was waking up. I m really homesick now...really homesick........oh god ...bad feeling faster go away.
heard from my sis that grandmum is not feeling well recently, is has been around 4 months i nv see her, i m miss her badly. i m really a bad grandchild, not at her side all the time,god, pls bless her all the time. i must go home next week...must..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Is been more than a week...i m sick...fever on n off, everytime i tot recover d, it fever again.went to see doctor 3 times d, last nite still fever..haiz...during this whole week, i cant do anything when everyone is rushing their fyp report. i feel very very tired, and sleepy all the time!!(i sleep around 20 hours per day... ) i don wan to keep on like this, so i decide to go pantai hospital to check up later. they might ask me to stay overnite, abit gan jiong..1st time stay overnite at hospital. hope i can recover asap. friends, feel free, do come n visit me..lolz

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the furthest distance in the world

the furthest distance in the world
is not between life and death
but when i stand in front of you
yet you don't know that
i love you

the furthest distance in the world
is not when i stand in front of you
yet you can't see my love
but when undoubtedly knowing the love from both
yet cannot be togehter

the furthest distance in the world
is not being apart while being in love
but when plainly can not resist the yearning
yet pretending
you have never been in my heart

the furthest distance in the world
but using one's indifferent heart
to dig an uncrossable river
for the one who loves you

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


1.25am now..i m damn tired but yet don wan to sleep, just pass my last sem 1st midterm..feel like so empty now..a lots of things to do..a lot ...really a lot..i m just like lost in the world that is full of works...i tot i m alone, but i guess i was wrong. the donnoe wat to do boy (poingee) just come n complain that he donnoe wat to do..he got same feeling too and so do yassin and lilo..haiz..final sem students...
i used to plan tat my last sem is as relaxing as possible one..mana tahu..bcome like this...i really too tired now, i need to sleep now ..but the opto notes still occupied my bed....

Friday, March 20, 2009


my mum posted a poster on the wall of her office which include the sentences below when i was a young. For most the concept that i dint understand well, my mum used to say: "u will noe someday".


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


this few day i really stress...since sze siang said: u noe, now oredy week 5, 5 more weeks we need to pass up our fyp, wat u had done?..so scare now..tired..and feel abit worry ...haiz, in this world, nothing come easyly.always meet problem! i hate problems...last nite brother Gim send email to me, kinda warm after reading

Haha hoho hihi

Remember to smile whenever stress is overwhelming.
What you see and feel of this world are all what you think about it.
Happy ppl are the successful ones who only think of good things of this world.

Jim, 02 March 2009

thanks brother, i will try to smile de..

two movies in my list to watch

Saturday, February 28, 2009


today went eat 客家酿豆腐 with xiao chyi and shin tat, i asked her why feel wan to eat 客家酿豆腐 de ,when i get into shin tat's car , and she answer:" cos u wish to eat"... Oh god, i m damn touching at tat moment! Thank you xiao chyi , u really r a sweet friend! my friend said i miss 酿豆腐 because i m homesick, he is correct, i m kinda homesick now. but i cant go home, cant go home, cant go home.............i need to concentrate on my fyp, too many things have to rush up, now i even donnoe i can go home for my birthday ornot. 酿豆腐 reminds me about my grandmum and my mum. abit sad when thinking all this staff, i noe i m too emotional...just try don think too much! jia you..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


click the picture above to read the story
i had finish reading this books four years ago, with tears...

this part remain in my memory for quite a long time

   如果把整个浴缸的水倒出,也浇不熄我对你爱情的火 。

i noe, she really love him at the moment

Friday, February 13, 2009


very 1st, i would like to thanks god, after too many difficulties, my best friend's son "niu zai" (call him niu zai cos hope him got "niu jing" can fight the illness) finally gone tru his operation, and doctor said tat everything is good now!!!! recently "niu zai" brought alot of tears to his family and even me, i hope this is will be the end of tragedy oto his parent still need to worried about the medical expenses ( whoever saw their news at New strait Time hope u all can help them, thanks alot )

this week is a very busy for me, lab(fyp)-->class-->lab(fyp)-->meet sv(tien sze)-->class...keep repeating, but i cant see any progress of my fyp cos i cant get the result wanted. feel kinda tired, i most hate troubleshooting!!!! haiz...too many things to do, too litter time, last nite xiao chyi's friend come from kl, so we brough him to eat satay celup, now hv to print notes and study b4 class, then go lab see technition succesfully setup the programmer d onot, then need to see mr muslim at 2.30pm, advandce micro p class at 3.30pm( i m alone at tat class), tomorro( valentine day without valentine) my best friend jie ling come melaka n find me, need to bring them go walk around melaka (any nice place sugguest?) . at nite need to meet aki and hv a "single yum" nite...wine is the best friend of those lonely ppl like us..haha!! next wednesday maybe will hv gathering v those "tun"! industrial training presentation start from 18th! friday i will go kl find my third ex roomate! i noe, i gonna busy till the end of my campus life. some of my friends oredy start send resume to apply job(n i hvn take photo yet) , even part of them hv the interview d. what the hell i m waiting for? haiz..but i don think i m ready for it..how? scare lei..haiz........................

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stay Cool

the day b4 yesterday, i finally went n see Tien Sze ge ( my fyp supervisor) , again, he din give me any technical support about my fyp alto i request it. But he told me i had changed alot since i took his this title. And ask me ever regret to take this title? b4 i answer, he said:" i guess no, cos u learn alot of things compare to most of ur friends out there!" lolz...if he let me answer, i guess i got two anwer, 1st is if i nv training at trw and meet my boss, then i will regret to take this title cos i noe i ll nv make it. second is now, tell u wat, i wont regret alto i had experience alot of stress. Beside that, he also asked me to always stay "cool" lolz, he keep repeat "cool" and asked me understand what he mean ornot! Tien sze, i sure noe what u mean la, u wan me calm down la! he said i always lack of confidence, then feel lost when meet problem! he is correct, i also found tat i had this weakness, i always cant stay cool, and zoom out to see wat is the problem from far!! this make me always lost my way not only when i was driving but most aspects in my life. even tien sze can found my weakness, means tat, my weakness is too obvious...so i decide to add one more section in my 2009 new year'plan, STAY COOL....

daddy told me they went to "查家杂" ( checking our family luck in this ox year) tat day( we went to check every year n it is very accurate) , all of my family members hv good luck for the whole year except me...i will "犯小人(will meet alot of bad guy)" from the begining to the end of the year.........omg...i m so sad to noe that, 小人们pls stay away from me ok? pls pls pls, we jin sui bu fan he sui! anyway, life goes on no matter wat happen. all i can do is ready to the worse!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


today is the last day of CNY, we so called Yuan Xiao, is a day of reunion, and also chiness valentine day. plan to go eat zai with xiao chyi this afternoon, and hv a reunion dinner with my sis and 3 cousins here. ya, we hv 5 family members study at mmu here! actually i decide to start eat zai every 1st and 15th from this new year, 1st hope can collect some forture for my dearest siaw hui's son, hope him can grow up healthly, don make his parent so worry. second is wan to reduce my sin!(don ask me wat i done wrong, i also donnoe, just feel tat, we all are human being, sure will make sin) ... so friend, u r welcome to join me eat zai every chu yi shi wu a.
as we always noe, plan nv can match with changes, my parent called me last nite and inform tat they will be coming melaka for reunion today. i feel happy but yet kinda worry, wat makes them decide to come? i been study at melaka for 4 and half years, they nv do like this. i do believe human wont changes with no reason...wondering.............Ok...maybe i m think too much d. need to prepare d, i guess my parent will reach here soon, take care my friends, wish u all hv a warm yuan xiao...god bless...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


今天下午和惠珍家敏去看了游龙戏凤》, 主演的是我最爱的刘德华,剧情你们可以参考官方网站http://youlongxifeng.ent.sina.com.cn/
after watched , i found tat i had fall in love with
张涵予, so gentle, so brave . And start to think if i m 何韵诗, wat will i do when falling in love with a different level men. i don really have the ideal, or maybe i just hvn meet the right men who will let me give up and don care everything. Valentine day is coming soon, wish all of the couples 有情人终成眷属。。。

movie plan to watch:

anyone interested can contact me, we can go watch together..hehe

Beyonce -I Am Sasha Fierce

Finally Beyonce release her brand new album "I Am Sasha Fierce"!!! beside the song "If i were a boy", "AVE MARIA" is my favorite song in the album. sometime i think the feel towards music is very subjective, so i got no intention to promote her songs here oto i m her "big fans", just like to share this song to all of my friends..may u all have a great weekend..God bless...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Emo agian

lolz, sometime i also feel pai sei to tell tat i m emo again. emo emo emo...life like a cycle, always repeat the same thing over and over again...as i promise myself in the 2009 new year's plan, i wan to quit shopping as it was my favarouit hobby, but really cant resist it when marilyn ask me out. gosh...sometime i really cant deny tat friends are really can influnce me. while everybody is busy with their ITP report( today is the due date) i m sitting here doing nothing.( i done my report on the last day of my ITP, thanks boss!) everyone is so busy, makes no ppl free to choi me,eeeeeeeeee......... i feel so lonely in this moment, suddenly miss the life of training, atleast i got laily, atleast i can learn new things, atleast i can talk v david and atleast i can get scold by my boss. life at here is too boring, as i only took two subjects this sem, and only one is same class with my friends, how can i stand the lonelyness? i noe actually the free time is for me to study and doing fyp, but ...but...but...haiz...timetable also done d, y i cant just follow it? few of series waiting me to wacth but i noe i should stop to get drama from my friends,maybe brough a 160Gb new hardisk is not a very brilliant ideal , god, pls help me...give me "FIRE" to follow my plan. else, i ll be the same old me again...still remember one of the lecturer in the ESRS class said tat, try to smile, even when u r not happy, because when pretent to be happy, u will be happy at last!!! does it really true? and as i noe from the “论语心得“ she said, we should enjoy the loneliness, only loneliness can give us a space to see clearly who we r, what we want, and which is good. all of these theory telling me tat god had send me a great chance to learn, but i m really moody to face this situation. just now sze siang gave me the Jam tart he brought me from home, i guess he wan to thanks me for printing report for him, but i rather believe as he said he specially brought for me...lolz!!!! sometime friendship really cant stand if we always calculate, when if the friendship still stand strong after u calculated, then u better cherish it. Friends are easy to make, good friends are hard to find and the best friends is the gift of heaven. suddenly i feel i m not tat moody d as i wrote till here, thanks god to sending me gifts, alto is not many, but i m grateful tat i hv the gift, y i always so negative lei? i got my best friends , those so caring me, y i still care of the small lonelyness at here ....hahaha
really stupid molly... yeah...i have to cheer up...i have to be happy!!!!!
don forget to mention tat this week i just meet two long lost friends at friendster, and i cant believe that is them regconise 1st. Y i cant believe lei? if u r me, then u will feel the same way when most of my secondary friends cant regcon me at shopping mall. M i really change alot? lolz
i m so happy can meet them in my life again, one of them is my softball coach during secondary school, and the other is my classmate during form 2 or form 3. i nearly forget i been joining softball team b4, lots of memory suddenly spring up, its been 10 years ago. i wonder y my coach still can remember me, but he said i gave him lots of memory. i nv tot that i will gave others alot of memory in my life even for the one i used to love and who used to love me( oto he gave me alot of memory). after talking v them, i found out i had miss alot of ppl in my life, so i decide to go KL find my friends to prevent our relationship lost. maybe i need to be more ative to maintain my relationship with friend.. omg...oredy 3.10pm....3.30 i got class...hvn take bath yet..anyway i m happier now...thanks for ur ears...take care

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sex and the city

last nite finally watched movie " Sex and The City". For those never watch, below is the summary of the movie. For me, this is a good movie, at least it touched my heart and steep in the mood untill now. I m falling in love with the song "Auld lang syne" in the movie. (attached) hope u will like it too...

After moving in together in an impossibly beautiful New York apartment, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big make a rather arbitrary decision to get married. The wedding itself proves to be anything but a hasty affair--the guest list quickly blooms from 75 to 200 guests, and Carrie's simple, label-less wedding gown gives way to an enormous creation that makes her look like a gigantic cream puff. An upcoming photo spread in Vogue puts the event--which will take place at the New York Public Library--squarely in the public eye. Meanwhile, Carrie's girlfriends--Samantha, the sexpot; Charlotte, the sweet naïf; and Miranda, the rigid perfectionist--could not be happier. At least, they couldn't be happier for Carrie. Charlotte still has the unrealized hope of getting pregnant. Samantha is finding a loving, committed relationship more grueling than she could have imagined. Miranda unwittingly lets her own unhappiness--created when Steve admits to cheating on her just once--spoil Carrie's. After a heated encounter with Steve, she happens to spot Mr. Big and tells him he's crazy to get married. She's really only thinking of her own marriage. But her angry remark gets Mr. Big to thinking.

Mr. Big and Carrie buy a magnificent penthouse in Manhattan and they decide to get married. Enid Frick invites Carrie to take pictures for a special edition of Vogue about marriage of women of forty and something years. During the preparation, Carrie raises the guest list from seventy-five to two hundred guests, and a simple wedding dress to a fashionable Vivienne Westwood, intimidating Mr. Big in his third wedding. Meanwhile Miranda has no sex with Steve and he confesses that he had had one night stand with a woman. On the eve of the wedding, in the rehearsal dinner, the upset Miranda tells Mr. Big that marriage ruins everything. On the next day, the scared Mr. Big calls off the wedding leaving Carrie in the church. Carrie feels humiliated and depressed and Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte decide to travel to Mexico with Carrie to the hotel where she was supposed to spend her honeymoon. When Carries returns, she hires the assistant Louise to help her to organize her life. When Miranda discloses what she told to Mr. Big to Carrie in the rehearsal dinner, their friendship is shaken.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After Training

after 12 weeks of training life, finally i come back to melaka, the place i been stay for the pass 4 years, and will be leaving after 4 more months. feel like time pass a litter bit too fast, feel tat i m kinda old d when saw those young faces in campus. how to not feel tat? now i m very "senior" in mmu d..suddenly i feel i m not used to the lifestye here anymore, like too slow..like too free..or like too boring? but i guess i should enjoy this kind of boringness since there will be no more campus life when i graduate. so b4 i start to enjoy my last few months of campus life, i would like to write down the things i had learned in my ITP.

1. Study hard

all my friends noe me kinda lazy in studying, i also forgot who told me that we nonic study too hard, result is nothing, working nv use the things we learn in class. haiz, nomatter who is the guy, i truely hate him now.!! because during training in TRW, i can really feel regret for my lazyness, and feel shame for my stupidness!!! trust me, whatever we learned yesterday, will let become stonger tomorrow. so i promise myself to study harder in this last sem, learn as much as i can to prevent further regret in future.

2. Brave to take challenges
since i have sense, i nv take any challenges in my life!! i only do what i noe i can make it, like i nv study hard to get 10As during spm, cos i noe i cant make it. i wont do the assignment which looks very hard, cos i noe i cant make it also. during training, my boss gave me projects and order me to finish it by myself, my god, i nv handle any project alone b4, even a single lab report. i noe i cant make it, but i no dare to tell my boss, because he is kinda fierce, so i force myself to try. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.....always fail, untill i feel damn tired, but i really braveless to tell him i cant make it. sure let him scold till gou li gou li de.so, i tried again..i also donnoe after how many times i fail, suddenly i did it!!! and the same things repeat in every projects he gave to me, but wat different is the times of fail bcome lesser when i handles more and more projects. untill oneday i found the sence of accomplishment when i finished one project, i noe this is the feeling which i miss for the pass four years.Thanks god, finally i found it!! now i really noe tat, maybe we wont success when we tried, but we sure fail when we don try!!

3. appreciate others help
this world ah, good guy really not many a, i really cant forget those ppl who said " this u hv to find out by urseld" or " u better go ask XXXX , he is free than me" when i asked them question!!! why they cant understand, how hard ask me to put down my pride for asking help, when i did it, means tat i really cant make it d. Okay, i should not angry them, cos not everyone born to be helpfull, somemore i m not tat kind of pretty gal, really hard to attract them to help la. But they let me more gratefull to those who used to help me. i m here to say thanks again...thousand of "thank u" also cant represent my feeling la. i miss u all...

4. Best thing come when least expect

i nv really plan where i should training b4 ITP, just simply send resume to TRW when all my friends busy finding BIG company. at last, i get lowest allowance among my friends, all of them laugh me, but i don feel anything. cos the factory near to my house, this oredy can make me happy. But i enter this company i found tat, it is a very BIG company, worlds largers automotive company...wah.. i really cant believe it, but what makes me lagi cant believe is my boss looks like Tony Leong...lolz...don envy, friend, is fate a!!! but this cant make me happy for more than half hour just becos he is married. Don laugh!!!! atleast better than u all...whats make me really happy is, he provide me alot of chances to learn although he like to scold me. He even help me in my Final Year Project...haiz...he must hv Buddah's heart la. or maybe is an angel send by god so..at last, my training life is the best among of all my friends...Best Things really come when least expect!!!!

here to share some my recent pictures with u all la, i took out braces d, m i looks better? i cant wait to meet all my friends d. miss u lots la...muaks..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Lolz... just now read yan ling's blog, makes me laugh till cant stop ...suddenly forgot the feel of shame ady, share with uguys how lak sei i was la... here's her post

yesterday i went out with molly..herm..herm,it’s an unforgetable and terrible day because we kept losing our way..T_T she intended to go taman sentosa first to buy electronic accesory for her final year project before heading to tebrau jusco for shopping. On the way we go to taman sentosa, we lost our way and can’t find where taman sentosa is located..we feel so panic and dizzy when we lost our way..luckily, at last we reached tebrau jusco..so we went shopping in tebrau jusco first:p

after shopping in tebrau jusco, we can’t find the car..as we parked the car at open air carpark with no number and label, it’s so hard for both of us with no sense of direction to get to find the car T_T we walked a long way and walked through the whole carpark and at last found the car…*fainted* after found the car, we hv to go to find taman sentosa again..erm,even we had asked other ppl how to go taman sentosa from tebrau jusco already, we still can lost our way again..omg..however, we still managed to drive a long way and U-turn back to the starting point and chose the correct way to reach taman sentosa..when reach taman sentosa, the car also out of petrol already..=_=

after buying electronic accesory at taman sentosa, we set off to go back..we lost our way again..we feel wanna cry already..exhausted and despaired…feel very dizzy and heachache as we kept searching for the correct pathway..finally we get to reach the big main road and head back home..molly and I were so depressed at the end of the day x_x

yesterday when i finally reached home, i fall sick and get fever..T_T sob sob..

Na...Two supper silly sapo here la..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Last Day

Today is the last day i training in TRW, just now was having a simple and warm farewell party with all R&D staff. Thanks for every every litter bless. Thanks Laily for organise the party for me, thanks my boss for teaching, thanks anyone who used to help me, thanks everyone who used to care me. i m sure i gonna miss here lots, expecially Laily, i m really glad to noe u in my life.