Tuesday, March 31, 2009


1.25am now..i m damn tired but yet don wan to sleep, just pass my last sem 1st midterm..feel like so empty now..a lots of things to do..a lot ...really a lot..i m just like lost in the world that is full of works...i tot i m alone, but i guess i was wrong. the donnoe wat to do boy (poingee) just come n complain that he donnoe wat to do..he got same feeling too and so do yassin and lilo..haiz..final sem students...
i used to plan tat my last sem is as relaxing as possible one..mana tahu..bcome like this...i really too tired now, i need to sleep now ..but the opto notes still occupied my bed....

Friday, March 20, 2009


my mum posted a poster on the wall of her office which include the sentences below when i was a young. For most the concept that i dint understand well, my mum used to say: "u will noe someday".


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


this few day i really stress...since sze siang said: u noe, now oredy week 5, 5 more weeks we need to pass up our fyp, wat u had done?..so scare now..tired..and feel abit worry ...haiz, in this world, nothing come easyly.always meet problem! i hate problems...last nite brother Gim send email to me, kinda warm after reading

Haha hoho hihi

Remember to smile whenever stress is overwhelming.
What you see and feel of this world are all what you think about it.
Happy ppl are the successful ones who only think of good things of this world.

Jim, 02 March 2009

thanks brother, i will try to smile de..

two movies in my list to watch