Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To do List

its been 4 days, i stay room and relax the feeling is great!wake up naturally everyday..finally pass my final year presentation..everything wasn't that smooth in this year, but i do believe is God want steel me...anyway, i noe there is alot of things is waiting me to do now and later...Here is my to do list

final edit of my thesis
cele Marilyn' birthday
do hardcopy of thesis
final year housemate gathering
MMU friends's gathering
Ex college gathering
ex roommate gathering
advance microprocessor final
opto electronic final
pack thing
dad come n help me move back to JB
go cut my hair( really out of shape d)
go cut my eyebrow
throw away my 100sth magazines( out of space)
go my 1st interview
do passport
buy some new cloths for bangkok trip( terrible thinking)
hometown friend gathering
preparation for Bangkok trip
go KL meet my friend,,,
see my dentist at KL
yeah..go bangkok
cele siaw hui birthday
and i hope after tat, i can found job , n start to working b4 july


vickie said...

sure u manage to complete all ur to-do-list here.. jia you o.. hope u hav a wonderful trip in bangkok la..hehe..all d best to ur finals too

rolexphang said...

buy clothes for bangkok really a silly thinking.........no need wear nice nice to bangkok de lah.. tshirt sudah okay..bukannya u pergi kerja...

Buy ur nice clothes at Bangkok.. not beli pergi........

Molly said...

Ha ha, thanks alot vickie, all the best for ur final too..Rolex, thanks for ur advice, any tips for my Bangkok trip?