Thursday, September 24, 2009

working me

just view my blog, gosh, my last title is "Life b4 graduate is all about gathering"! lolz, and now, i had graduated around 4 months! wow...4 months...! i spend around 1 n half months for job hunting, working for more than 2 months d. For those who keep viewing my blog, i m so sorry to let u down. I guess is time to let me update my blog!!!

b4 graduated, i was thinking what should i do after graduate? Taking Master or Working? MMU offer a free master Course, it is a great opportunity! I ll be a master degree holder just after one year! and all i need to pay is few thousands and my hard work. my dad was encouraged me to do that. he said he was willing to support me for one more year...just because his words, i decided to working! yes, is not typo, i decided to find a job after grad. my poor dad was supporting me Unconditionally for around 24 years. n honestly, i m been a bad gal as i was spending money like water during my uni's life. i found my parents look older when i came home, i m the eldest child in my family, and i had been so selfish for those pass time.i told myself, lets stop here.

so i start job hunting, at 1st, it was really siok, stay at home and went to cyber cafe to surf net(i stress for FYP very long d). Jobstreet everyday...after two weeks without any call, i started worrying, really can feel that is not easy to find job. so i start simply find job,apply as many as i can, this cause me feel damn regret when they offerer me interview. i don feel wan to do that kind of job at all. the feeling is weird...n i hope i wont get this kind of feeling again...dou dou zuan zuan, finally, i found my job now. QA engineer in a resistor manufacture company!

Owh, nearly forgot to tell where my work place located, is SENAI...wuhuhu...this is the place where i belong,the place i grew up, the place which my best friends stay. ILOVE MY LIFE NOW!!! everything is great, love my job scope, love my family, love my friends! i watch movie often, lim teh v friends often, watch my favorite korea drama often! the only thing need to improve is my income! HAHAHA..anyway, i still wan to thanks god for giving me all of this..i love u god...muaks

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RolexPhang said...

glad to hear ur life so much fun now !!...hope my life is as great as urs after i grad !!