Friday, March 12, 2010


i went to see doctor this afternoon,around 1pm, the clinic door sticked a paper written " Open 2:30pm" and the 3 nurse were sleeping at the Sofa, i knocked the door. Asking them to let me in cos i feel really unwell.And so, i sleep with them on the Sofa.

2.30pm, doctor came, i told doctor my heartache, cant breath easily, whole body pain, feel wan to vomit. after he check everything, he gave me pill to sleep. he said is my heart problem. i need rest. i stared at him and asked," really? so i don't have any problem?" He said.. just stress. Before i leave his room, he said, girl, you are charming, don't let a guy who leave you control your emotion. Seems like he saw something from my eye. i smiled at him (instead of cry) and said " Thank You! you are so sweet" and leave the room with MC.

Today is the 3rd day.i only cried once, the rest of time i keep thinking about him. i miss his voice, his face and his everything. Although i knew we will apart in the future, but never imagine this will come so fast. i still very depending on him somehow. God, give me brave to face the life without him, or send me some better man to replace him ba...

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RolexPhang said...

wah seh !! doctor mana? i wanna go try also !! he could read mind !!!