Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2nd day of my ITP

today is my second training day, yesterday was kinda bored. nothing to do for whole day!!! but today is much more better, my boss gave me something to read, and told me will assigh project to me very soon. Protron project, wow...just wonder can i make it onot? i m just a "noe nothing" student. my office only got 4ppl (include me), one malay gal and one malay guy. others are chines guy. Basically can say they r not bad,ya, just NOT BAD ok...noe wat i mean?

this is the "coolest" envirement i had been, makes me miss my ex boss and colleges. thanks them makes me feel warm when i was working v him. but i found that tat stay away from home in the pass 4 years really changed me alot. Last time i m a very braveless girl, i always feel helpless in a unfamiliar envirement. but now i feel nothing even there is no one ask u for lunch or tea. I guess i m a independent women now..hahaha! wat u think?

now my life is only home or work. feel stress cos my fyp..hope everything will be alrite and can get closer v my new college soon. friends, i miss all of u very very much...

sorry for my typo,my pc cant auto checking for me, and i m lazy to check too. OK la, need to back to my place and cont" reading d. Take care

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