Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After Training

after 12 weeks of training life, finally i come back to melaka, the place i been stay for the pass 4 years, and will be leaving after 4 more months. feel like time pass a litter bit too fast, feel tat i m kinda old d when saw those young faces in campus. how to not feel tat? now i m very "senior" in mmu d..suddenly i feel i m not used to the lifestye here anymore, like too slow..like too free..or like too boring? but i guess i should enjoy this kind of boringness since there will be no more campus life when i graduate. so b4 i start to enjoy my last few months of campus life, i would like to write down the things i had learned in my ITP.

1. Study hard

all my friends noe me kinda lazy in studying, i also forgot who told me that we nonic study too hard, result is nothing, working nv use the things we learn in class. haiz, nomatter who is the guy, i truely hate him now.!! because during training in TRW, i can really feel regret for my lazyness, and feel shame for my stupidness!!! trust me, whatever we learned yesterday, will let become stonger tomorrow. so i promise myself to study harder in this last sem, learn as much as i can to prevent further regret in future.

2. Brave to take challenges
since i have sense, i nv take any challenges in my life!! i only do what i noe i can make it, like i nv study hard to get 10As during spm, cos i noe i cant make it. i wont do the assignment which looks very hard, cos i noe i cant make it also. during training, my boss gave me projects and order me to finish it by myself, my god, i nv handle any project alone b4, even a single lab report. i noe i cant make it, but i no dare to tell my boss, because he is kinda fierce, so i force myself to try. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.....always fail, untill i feel damn tired, but i really braveless to tell him i cant make it. sure let him scold till gou li gou li de.so, i tried again..i also donnoe after how many times i fail, suddenly i did it!!! and the same things repeat in every projects he gave to me, but wat different is the times of fail bcome lesser when i handles more and more projects. untill oneday i found the sence of accomplishment when i finished one project, i noe this is the feeling which i miss for the pass four years.Thanks god, finally i found it!! now i really noe tat, maybe we wont success when we tried, but we sure fail when we don try!!

3. appreciate others help
this world ah, good guy really not many a, i really cant forget those ppl who said " this u hv to find out by urseld" or " u better go ask XXXX , he is free than me" when i asked them question!!! why they cant understand, how hard ask me to put down my pride for asking help, when i did it, means tat i really cant make it d. Okay, i should not angry them, cos not everyone born to be helpfull, somemore i m not tat kind of pretty gal, really hard to attract them to help la. But they let me more gratefull to those who used to help me. i m here to say thanks again...thousand of "thank u" also cant represent my feeling la. i miss u all...

4. Best thing come when least expect

i nv really plan where i should training b4 ITP, just simply send resume to TRW when all my friends busy finding BIG company. at last, i get lowest allowance among my friends, all of them laugh me, but i don feel anything. cos the factory near to my house, this oredy can make me happy. But i enter this company i found tat, it is a very BIG company, worlds largers automotive company...wah.. i really cant believe it, but what makes me lagi cant believe is my boss looks like Tony Leong...lolz...don envy, friend, is fate a!!! but this cant make me happy for more than half hour just becos he is married. Don laugh!!!! atleast better than u all...whats make me really happy is, he provide me alot of chances to learn although he like to scold me. He even help me in my Final Year Project...haiz...he must hv Buddah's heart la. or maybe is an angel send by god so..at last, my training life is the best among of all my friends...Best Things really come when least expect!!!!

here to share some my recent pictures with u all la, i took out braces d, m i looks better? i cant wait to meet all my friends d. miss u lots la...muaks..

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