Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stay Cool

the day b4 yesterday, i finally went n see Tien Sze ge ( my fyp supervisor) , again, he din give me any technical support about my fyp alto i request it. But he told me i had changed alot since i took his this title. And ask me ever regret to take this title? b4 i answer, he said:" i guess no, cos u learn alot of things compare to most of ur friends out there!" lolz...if he let me answer, i guess i got two anwer, 1st is if i nv training at trw and meet my boss, then i will regret to take this title cos i noe i ll nv make it. second is now, tell u wat, i wont regret alto i had experience alot of stress. Beside that, he also asked me to always stay "cool" lolz, he keep repeat "cool" and asked me understand what he mean ornot! Tien sze, i sure noe what u mean la, u wan me calm down la! he said i always lack of confidence, then feel lost when meet problem! he is correct, i also found tat i had this weakness, i always cant stay cool, and zoom out to see wat is the problem from far!! this make me always lost my way not only when i was driving but most aspects in my life. even tien sze can found my weakness, means tat, my weakness is too i decide to add one more section in my 2009 new year'plan, STAY COOL....

daddy told me they went to "查家杂" ( checking our family luck in this ox year) tat day( we went to check every year n it is very accurate) , all of my family members hv good luck for the whole year except me...i will "犯小人(will meet alot of bad guy)" from the begining to the end of the year.........omg...i m so sad to noe that, 小人们pls stay away from me ok? pls pls pls, we jin sui bu fan he sui! anyway, life goes on no matter wat happen. all i can do is ready to the worse!!!

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