Sunday, February 1, 2009


Lolz... just now read yan ling's blog, makes me laugh till cant stop ...suddenly forgot the feel of shame ady, share with uguys how lak sei i was la... here's her post

yesterday i went out with molly..herm..herm,it’s an unforgetable and terrible day because we kept losing our way..T_T she intended to go taman sentosa first to buy electronic accesory for her final year project before heading to tebrau jusco for shopping. On the way we go to taman sentosa, we lost our way and can’t find where taman sentosa is located..we feel so panic and dizzy when we lost our way..luckily, at last we reached tebrau we went shopping in tebrau jusco first:p

after shopping in tebrau jusco, we can’t find the we parked the car at open air carpark with no number and label, it’s so hard for both of us with no sense of direction to get to find the car T_T we walked a long way and walked through the whole carpark and at last found the car…*fainted* after found the car, we hv to go to find taman sentosa again..erm,even we had asked other ppl how to go taman sentosa from tebrau jusco already, we still can lost our way again..omg..however, we still managed to drive a long way and U-turn back to the starting point and chose the correct way to reach taman sentosa..when reach taman sentosa, the car also out of petrol already..=_=

after buying electronic accesory at taman sentosa, we set off to go back..we lost our way again..we feel wanna cry already..exhausted and despaired…feel very dizzy and heachache as we kept searching for the correct pathway..finally we get to reach the big main road and head back home..molly and I were so depressed at the end of the day x_x

yesterday when i finally reached home, i fall sick and get fever..T_T sob sob..

Na...Two supper silly sapo here la..

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