Saturday, February 28, 2009


today went eat 客家酿豆腐 with xiao chyi and shin tat, i asked her why feel wan to eat 客家酿豆腐 de ,when i get into shin tat's car , and she answer:" cos u wish to eat"... Oh god, i m damn touching at tat moment! Thank you xiao chyi , u really r a sweet friend! my friend said i miss 酿豆腐 because i m homesick, he is correct, i m kinda homesick now. but i cant go home, cant go home, cant go home.............i need to concentrate on my fyp, too many things have to rush up, now i even donnoe i can go home for my birthday ornot. 酿豆腐 reminds me about my grandmum and my mum. abit sad when thinking all this staff, i noe i m too emotional...just try don think too much! jia you..

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