Friday, February 13, 2009


very 1st, i would like to thanks god, after too many difficulties, my best friend's son "niu zai" (call him niu zai cos hope him got "niu jing" can fight the illness) finally gone tru his operation, and doctor said tat everything is good now!!!! recently "niu zai" brought alot of tears to his family and even me, i hope this is will be the end of tragedy oto his parent still need to worried about the medical expenses ( whoever saw their news at New strait Time hope u all can help them, thanks alot )

this week is a very busy for me, lab(fyp)-->class-->lab(fyp)-->meet sv(tien sze)-->class...keep repeating, but i cant see any progress of my fyp cos i cant get the result wanted. feel kinda tired, i most hate troubleshooting!!!! haiz...too many things to do, too litter time, last nite xiao chyi's friend come from kl, so we brough him to eat satay celup, now hv to print notes and study b4 class, then go lab see technition succesfully setup the programmer d onot, then need to see mr muslim at 2.30pm, advandce micro p class at 3.30pm( i m alone at tat class), tomorro( valentine day without valentine) my best friend jie ling come melaka n find me, need to bring them go walk around melaka (any nice place sugguest?) . at nite need to meet aki and hv a "single yum" is the best friend of those lonely ppl like us..haha!! next wednesday maybe will hv gathering v those "tun"! industrial training presentation start from 18th! friday i will go kl find my third ex roomate! i noe, i gonna busy till the end of my campus life. some of my friends oredy start send resume to apply job(n i hvn take photo yet) , even part of them hv the interview d. what the hell i m waiting for? haiz..but i don think i m ready for scare lei..haiz........................

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