Monday, February 9, 2009


today is the last day of CNY, we so called Yuan Xiao, is a day of reunion, and also chiness valentine day. plan to go eat zai with xiao chyi this afternoon, and hv a reunion dinner with my sis and 3 cousins here. ya, we hv 5 family members study at mmu here! actually i decide to start eat zai every 1st and 15th from this new year, 1st hope can collect some forture for my dearest siaw hui's son, hope him can grow up healthly, don make his parent so worry. second is wan to reduce my sin!(don ask me wat i done wrong, i also donnoe, just feel tat, we all are human being, sure will make sin) ... so friend, u r welcome to join me eat zai every chu yi shi wu a.
as we always noe, plan nv can match with changes, my parent called me last nite and inform tat they will be coming melaka for reunion today. i feel happy but yet kinda worry, wat makes them decide to come? i been study at melaka for 4 and half years, they nv do like this. i do believe human wont changes with no reason...wondering.............Ok...maybe i m think too much d. need to prepare d, i guess my parent will reach here soon, take care my friends, wish u all hv a warm yuan xiao...god bless...

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