Friday, February 6, 2009

Emo agian

lolz, sometime i also feel pai sei to tell tat i m emo again. emo emo like a cycle, always repeat the same thing over and over i promise myself in the 2009 new year's plan, i wan to quit shopping as it was my favarouit hobby, but really cant resist it when marilyn ask me out. gosh...sometime i really cant deny tat friends are really can influnce me. while everybody is busy with their ITP report( today is the due date) i m sitting here doing nothing.( i done my report on the last day of my ITP, thanks boss!) everyone is so busy, makes no ppl free to choi me,eeeeeeeeee......... i feel so lonely in this moment, suddenly miss the life of training, atleast i got laily, atleast i can learn new things, atleast i can talk v david and atleast i can get scold by my boss. life at here is too boring, as i only took two subjects this sem, and only one is same class with my friends, how can i stand the lonelyness? i noe actually the free time is for me to study and doing fyp, but ...but...but...haiz...timetable also done d, y i cant just follow it? few of series waiting me to wacth but i noe i should stop to get drama from my friends,maybe brough a 160Gb new hardisk is not a very brilliant ideal , god, pls help me...give me "FIRE" to follow my plan. else, i ll be the same old me again...still remember one of the lecturer in the ESRS class said tat, try to smile, even when u r not happy, because when pretent to be happy, u will be happy at last!!! does it really true? and as i noe from the “论语心得“ she said, we should enjoy the loneliness, only loneliness can give us a space to see clearly who we r, what we want, and which is good. all of these theory telling me tat god had send me a great chance to learn, but i m really moody to face this situation. just now sze siang gave me the Jam tart he brought me from home, i guess he wan to thanks me for printing report for him, but i rather believe as he said he specially brought for me...lolz!!!! sometime friendship really cant stand if we always calculate, when if the friendship still stand strong after u calculated, then u better cherish it. Friends are easy to make, good friends are hard to find and the best friends is the gift of heaven. suddenly i feel i m not tat moody d as i wrote till here, thanks god to sending me gifts, alto is not many, but i m grateful tat i hv the gift, y i always so negative lei? i got my best friends , those so caring me, y i still care of the small lonelyness at here ....hahaha
really stupid molly... yeah...i have to cheer up...i have to be happy!!!!!
don forget to mention tat this week i just meet two long lost friends at friendster, and i cant believe that is them regconise 1st. Y i cant believe lei? if u r me, then u will feel the same way when most of my secondary friends cant regcon me at shopping mall. M i really change alot? lolz
i m so happy can meet them in my life again, one of them is my softball coach during secondary school, and the other is my classmate during form 2 or form 3. i nearly forget i been joining softball team b4, lots of memory suddenly spring up, its been 10 years ago. i wonder y my coach still can remember me, but he said i gave him lots of memory. i nv tot that i will gave others alot of memory in my life even for the one i used to love and who used to love me( oto he gave me alot of memory). after talking v them, i found out i had miss alot of ppl in my life, so i decide to go KL find my friends to prevent our relationship lost. maybe i need to be more ative to maintain my relationship with friend.. omg...oredy 3.10pm....3.30 i got class...hvn take bath yet..anyway i m happier now...thanks for ur ears...take care

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